The South Asian Diaspora Artists Collective (SADAC) is a member-led group using art as a tool for resistance, healing, community building, and liberation. The Collective meets regularly to workshop in-progress artwork (of any media); to discuss art, activism, identity, and politics; and to create work and collaborate across disciplines and issues. The collective is dedicated to breaking down barriers that exist within the South Asian and Indo Caribbean diaspora in order to build long-term, sustainable community in solidarity with all communities of color.


Get involved! Whether an artist, an organizer, or a lover of art, we aim to uplift voices of people of color, and welcome collaboration on workshops, projects, and events. Contact us at SADACnyc@gmail.com


Community Agreements

  • We are dedicated  to holding a space free of anti-blackness, racism, casteism, sexism, classism, LGBTQIA-phobia, ableism, and hate. We recognize that prevalent oppressive mindsets can permeate South Asian spaces. We do not attempt to speak for anyone. However, we consider our shortcomings as a collective to be deep learning moments and opportunities for political awakening. If you witness any of these actions taking place, please reach out to an event facilitator.

  • Respect confidentiality. What’s said here stays here, what’s learned here leaves here. Folks who prefer not to have their photo/ video taken may notify the event facilitators.

  • Violence in any form (physical, sexual, verbal, emotional) will not be tolerated in the space. Survivors will be prioritized. In the event of an incident, reach out to the event facilitators.

  • Appreciate being called in when your actions/words are challenged.

  • Call out the actions, call in the person. Practice reconciliation over disposability whenever possible and safe.

  • Respect each others identities and pronouns – ask, don’t assume. In the event of misgendering someone, apologize and move on.

  • Step up/step back -- speak your truth and listen when others speak theirs

  • One mic

  • Silence is ok!

  • Respect this land

  • Elmo: enough let’s move on

  • Respect the boundaries people set for safety

  • Trust your own work and each other**

  • Low ego, high impact**

*From BUFU Community Agreements

** adrienne maree brown, Emergent Strategies: Shaping Change, Changing Worlds

*** Audre Lorde Project Safe Party Toolkit